Why is a wedding breakfast called a wedding breakfast?


Have you ever been to a wedding and been served a fry up? So why do we call a wedding breakfast a wedding breakfast when we expect anything but toast and jam.

Of course, there is a backstory to the name of the first meal you share as a couple after you tie the knot. It is steeped in tradition and dates back to 1830, before the reformation, when weddings were called a ‘Eucharist Mass’ and both the bride and groom had to fast before they got married. They must have LOVED their wedding breakfast even more when they finally got to eat! So, this act of eating again with family and friends was to ‘break their fast’ which brings us to ‘breakfast’.

I personally love how wedding breakfasts are completely unique to the couple and you have free range as how you go about it. You may get a few funny looks if you put bacon and eggs in front of your guests, but you do you!

Normally, a wedding breakfast consists of a starter, main, dessert and then (the best bit) bubbles to accompany the speeches. But as you can probably guess here at the Wild Oven, we are all about mixing it up a bit. Our sharing style is a great way to do this as the food all goes in the middle of your guest’s table for them to get stuck in and enjoy together. With other ways of having your wedding breakfast, for example festival style, your guests can come up to our vintage and retro vans themselves to be served in front of our fires. We aim for fun and relaxed ways to treat you and your guests to keep it memorable for all the right reasons!

Whatever way you want your big day to go we are flexible and want you to have the tastiest breakfast you’ve ever had and hopefully our fabulous wood fired food is better than cereal…

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