Coronavirus, Where Do We Go From Here?


Who’d have thought that as we approached our peak season we would be pressing the pause button on all the wonderful events we had ready lined up?

Life can throw us some curveballs but we learn from these, grow, adapt and come out the other side ready to hit play and celebrate even harder than before. We are here with you from start to finish and that’s a promise.

We are a strong team of people that are dedicated to delivering to you what we agreed. So that’s what we’ll do. We want to act only with fairness and integrity as this is what you deserve and the most positive way forward through this whole situation! The landscape is ever changing and we will adapt as we move forward but we aim to be as clear as we can every step of the way. 

Does your event have to be on a Saturday? Of course not! The reality is there are going to be a lot of couples postponing and rearranging and mostly all wanting a Saturday. Is it actually that important? By having your event on a weekday or even a Sunday you will find more availability, suppliers will have more flexibility, prices are normally lower on weekdays and people are going to have a LOT of annual leave to use up!

At The Wild Oven having three classic wood fired vehicles available allows us to provide further availability for your chosen date. Our team is made up of hardworking, fun loving individuals that always put on a great show! Our vehicles are raring to go every day of the week to deliver unforgettable food and amazing memories with your nearest and dearest. So even if you think we may be fully booked, please do get in touch with us to find out.

If Coronavirus has taught us anything it is to cherish what is around us, that we are stronger than we think and to hug everyone that little bit tighter. There is a lot of good food to be eaten, many drinks to be drunk and lots of celebrating to be done on the other side. We are raising our glasses to the future and what it holds for us all.

If you’d like to book The Wild Oven for your event contact us here.

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