Travelling Box Bars

Our British Vintage Style Mobile Event Bar

High quality drinks with outstanding service

So that you can keep your catering and drinks organisation under one roof, we provide a range of mobile bar services suitable for any event from Weddings and Christenings, to Parties and Company events.

We have personally selected our wines, lagers, beers and liquors based on provenance and quality. As with our food, we are passionate about buying British so, where possible, we have included British options. However, there’s no escaping that some countries simply have a better climate for producing certain styles of drink!

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality drinks with our renowned outstanding service.  We offer a range of packages for you to choose from, covering all elements of your event, and we arrive with a beautiful vintage style bar set-up that fits into any style of event.

Please click on the link below to pull up our mobile bar and drinks proposal.

The Travelling Box Bar and Drinks Proposal





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We would love to talk through menus and styles with you to create your perfect event. We’ll send you a free, no obligation proposal letting you see exactly what we can do for your event and how much it will cost.

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