Our Story

Too many events involve food that leaves you feeling disappointed, underwhelmed and unsatisfied.  We’re here to change that.

The Wild Oven is a team of people committed to bringing enjoyment and connection to those around us. We do this by bringing our wood fired ovens in classic vehicles to life’s celebrations where we provide raved about food and service that brings people together.

It all begins from our base which is located in our family’s converted dairy. From here we prepare the details and ingredients that enable us to bring fabulous wood fired food to your event.

Research from Oxford University revealed that sharing food enhances the bonds between us alongside increasing our happiness and life satisfaction. We serve food that delivers enjoyment and enhances the connections between all of us and the experiences that we share. The feedback we get from the guests and clients who have enjoyed our food and service confirms this.  If you would like you and your guests to be brought together to share wood fired food to rave about then contact us.


Our History

The Wild Oven began in 2012 with a dream to create enjoyment and connection centred around the exciting food that the British farms around us produce. This dream started the journey towards reality when James and I were on our travels in Northern Italy. We wandered through the cobbled streets of Bormio into the town square, where we discovered a gathering of people around an enthusiastic Italian and his wood fired oven. When we tasted the hot wood fired pizza it became our light bulb moment. It was here that we put together our love and passion for bringing the greatest food from British farms to life with the theatre and romance of the wood fired oven. It was back to our farm in Warwickshire to start the dream. James spent the Winter in the workshop building our first roaming wood fired oven whilst I set about developing recipes and learning how to start a business.

In our first year, we spent our Summer travelling around local festivals honing our techniques and learning how to cook with the wood fired oven. It wasn’t long before people were asking us to provide food at their weddings and parties, and before we knew it every weekend we would find ourselves with our ever growing team at someone’s event helping them celebrate.

Remembering James

Sadly our story took a turn, and in 2015 James passed away in a car accident.

James’ death was a great loss, both for us and for everyone who’s life he had touched with his positivity, love, charisma and ability to turn his hand to anything. After a period of mourning I was faced with a choice. Whether to continue with our dream or take another path. It was with the strength of the team around me that the choices I made allowed The Wild Oven to continue and flourish into what it is today.  The loss of James serves as a reminder to each one of us here at The Wild Oven that life is about enjoying the moments and appreciating the people around you.  Which makes it even more special when we’re able to help others celebrate their special moments and the people that they share them with.

Client Testimonials

Hi Ed, 

Apologies it’s taken so long to respond, it’s been a whirlwind since last Saturday! 

Thank you for getting in touch 🙂 

First of all we’d like to say a huge thank you

To your team!! They were faultless! Everything went smoothly, we’ve had nothing but positive feedback and no issues have arisen to myself or Alex which is amazing considering we have some picky guests! 

The food was incredible, just how we remember it on the tasting day we had with yourselves. Everyone has commented how tasty it all was and how brilliant it was. 

The land rover made our day absolutely perfect, it looked insane next to our tipi and we had so many comments about how cool it was and what a great idea.

We absolutely loved having you supply our wedding food and i only wish we could do it all again so that we can have you back!!! Pizzas were incredible, I think one guest had about 6 to himself haha! 

All your staff deserve a huge thank you from us, and I hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did. 

Thank you again, and I hope everything goes just as well for you for the rest of the year and in the future 🙂 

I’ll miss emailing you!! Haha! 

Many thanks,

Jessica & Alex 


Event Style: Wedding Sharing Feast

A big thank you from both of us, everything was perfect. We loved the whole Wild Oven experience from the very start and the food on the day was as incredible as we expected! We have had so many compliments from family and friends on the food, everyone loved it!

We wouldn’t change a thing. The food helped create the exact atmosphere we wanted, where everyone was relaxed, interacting and enjoying!!

Thank you so much for all your help and support from right back in January 2021

Kay & Josh

Kay & Josh

Event Style: Wedding

Hi Hannah

Thank you for your email, good to hear from you.  We were delighted with The Wild Oven on Saturday; it was certainly all we expected it to be and more.  I was just disappointed that there wasn’t a few more of us to enjoy your delicious pizzas and burgers.

The marshmallows and brownies were perfect, just the right size and very tasty!

I have been telling friends what an enjoyable time we had and recommending you.

Hopefully we will be able to arrange another celebration very soon.

Best wishes,



Event Style: Birthday Party

Hi Ed,


Thanks for the email! It was an incredible day and a very large percentage of the guests remarked that it was the best catering of a wedding they had experienced. Everything from the quality of the food, ingredients, catering to specific dietary requirements and integration of the venue was completely spot on. Hannah and the team were fantastic and friendly, everything fit together really well and the festival style service suited the guests and venue well. Please let me know if there is anywhere I can leave favourable reviews online (I don’t have any photos of the food/ service in particular and haven’t had the full library back from the photography yet but would be happy to include any too).


Best regards,




Event Style: Wedding Festival Style Feast

Hey Zoe,


Thank you, we really did have an amazing day!


The Wild Oven were great – I particularly liked the way the team got setup, started cooking and served our guests without ever distracting the wedding the party.


The team were very professional and polite. The food was stunning and all served on time and as expected.


Our feedback is only positive – thanks Zoe and team!


Many thanks,

Paul and Louise

Paul and Louise

Event Style: Wedding


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