10 considerations when booking your caterer


Alice ponders things to consider when booking your caterer

Spring is well and truly here, and Summer is just around the corner so here is a list of a few things to consider when catering for a party, your wedding, or a special event this summer.

1. Once you are sure, book that date!

Reserve that date as soon as you are ready.  No booking is confirmed until the deposit has been made and some dates are more popular than others.  Once you are sure of your event caterer book them!  Details can be worked out later.

2. Does your event or wedding caterer provide delicious alternatives for your guests with dietary requirements?

It is rare these days that there are no specific dietary requirements for parties, events and weddings.  You need to know that your caterer is going to provide these guests with a delicious alternative, rather than just an afterthought.

Here, at The Wild Oven, our Head Chef has designed our sumptuous menu with nutritional requirements in mind.  Many of our dishes are not only mouth wateringly yummy, but also there are many options that everyone can eat, no matter what their specific dietary requirements, and you would never even know!  (Unless we are looking at the vegetarian choice, of course!)

3. Including the kids

When considering your caterer it is really worth picking a caterer whose food is something that the kids would want to dig into as well.  Believe me, kids love to feel like they have been included and can dive in with everyone else!

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4. If you are providing your own drinks, who is serving the booze to your guests?

Caterers do not necessarily always provide staff to serve your drinks, as they will bring the staff to serve the food they provide.

Great to choose a caterer who can provide the bar, or is partnered with a bar company with whom they work with often, and trust.

5. Who provides what?

Read through all the information the caterer sends you.  The caterer will usually come with everything that they require but, if there is no kitchen, they may require a catering tent to work from. If your event is in a field, then consider where the water and electricity are coming from.  Caterers will usually only provide cover for their staff, so do think about who is providing cover if it rains…

Remember to feed your suppliers, they need to eat too!

6. Check when you are allowed into the venue

Usually, clients like to decorate their space, and lay the tables the day before the event itself.  If you are hiring a venue / marquee check when you are allowed in!  Why not check out the venues we are partnered with…

7. When does the crockery, glassware, cutlery and linens arrive?

These are not items you want arriving late to the party!

8. Staffing Matters

Find out who you have arriving to staff your event.  The name and contact details for the event manager and / or chef is crucial.  It will set your mind at ease to know who is running the show!

9. Do you need to do a site visit?

With the advance of technology site visits are not really necessary, but if it puts your mind at ease then the caterer should take the time to meet you at your party location.  Sometimes though, if the venue is far away, this may not be possible.

and finally…

10. Relax and enjoy the food!

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