An Autumnal Take on a Wedding: The Extraordinary Beauty of an Autumn Wedding


If you are pondering on whether to tie the knot post Summer season, then read on for five irresistible reasons why saying ‘I do’ in the Autumn months is so very tempting!!


This season offers such a rich range of colours thanks to the changing nature around us. The move to deep reds, burnt oranges and darker greens showcase for such a stunning backdrop for weddings and allow for your imagination to run wild with how to make use of these colours! Local to us here at The Wild Oven HQ are the Cotswolds which itself gives us picturesque scenery, in Autumn especially, and is home to many of the beautiful weddings we have been lucky enough to cater for. 

Cooler Weather

This beautiful season is known as a transitional one going from the warmer months of August into the much cooler November and December. There’s no denying that the breathtaking Autumn sun accentuates the rich colours and natural landscapes even more.  The possibility of gorgeous sunshine without the worry of being sweaty in your dress…..winning formula! This makes it much easier to plan for the day as you know to expect it to be cooler and even be able to prepare for the chance of rain. This opens the doors to some imaginative and elegant choices of dress. Long lace sleeves paired with a fur shawl makes a lovely combination for whatever the weather.

Easier on the Budget!

This is a massive positive for any couple as we all know how expensive weddings can be. By having your day off-peak, in the later months of the year you will see a huge price drop on venues and a range of other suppliers on your list. Demand is usually lower meaning a better price and availability all round. To enquire about our prices, feel free to contact us here.

Going to Town on the Decorations…

So I don’t think I have enough space to write all about the different styles you could go for as Autumn opens up so many different ideas! I’ll stick to some of my favourites. The cooling temperatures create a cozy vibe which means you could include blankets at the ceremony (of course matching your theme!), incorpote open fires and lots of candles. For table decorations the colour scheme is easy to choose; reds, oranges, browns, bronzes and greens. Seasonal flowers and foliage offer a multitude of options and a range of pumpkins dotted around adds different texture and level to the table. Imagine the photographs! 

For inspiration we are now updating our Pinterest boards more regularly, so give us a follow!

Seasonal Foods 

A way to keep your wedding memorable for all guests. Picking the right foods can make your day extra special and leave your guests wishing they could relive the day over and over again! Squash, sweet potatoes, hot apple cider and pumpkins are just a few favourites. A really unique idea that we saw at one of our client’s weddings was incorporating seasonal fruits into their wedding favours. They used red pears to match their colour, theme and food all into one. If you are feeling inspired, take a gander over to our website and dive into our wedding menus and see how we use seasonal, local ingredients in our own food. 

Autumnal weddings are becoming more popular and quite rightly so! They allow for some astonishing backdrops and spectacular twists to your special day. 

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