Tasting Feasts: Showcasing Our Event Catering


Danni talks through Showcasing our Event Catering at Tasting Feasts

Though a lot of our clients book us after eating our food at a wedding or party that we’ve been spotted catering at, there are others that get in touch who may never have experienced our unique event catering. To show people what we do and how we do it, we hold tastings through the Winter and early Spring at our base in Warwickshire

However, we soon realised that we needed to make a change to what we call our tastings. A very important change, because they’re actually so much more…

Our catering is all about providing a feast. When we rock up in one of our classic vehicles to provide outside catering it’s always for a special event. Be it a birthday, corporate celebration or wedding (the list goes on… christenings, award evenings, product launches..). As it’s a unique day we believe that the food experience should reflect this, so we put on a feast. So that our lovely clients get to see exactly how it will be when the day rolls around, at the tasting we also… guess what… put on a feast.

We converted my Grandad’s old dairy into our private tasting room just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon. This is where our head chef takes you through all the courses for your event from our unique drinks reception canapés and starter sharing boards, to our signature wood fired sharing feasts and renowned wood fired pizza.

The word “tasting” conjures up images of bitesize titbits of food – just a taste. Understandably, because of this, people would turn up full, having just eaten another meal. So we made a change. We now call out tastings, tasting feasts, because that’s exactly what they are. 

 Take home message: come to our tasting feasts hungry!

In other news…

While we’re on the topic of tasting feast related change, we’re also making another one. What we call our late night sweet treat; toasted marshmallows served with a chunk of chocolate brownie.

Outdoor wedding caterers in Warwickshire

These bad boys are the bees knees. There is no way to describe them other than a cloud of  intense rich chocolate-y-ness balanced with a soft, sweet and caramelised toasted marshmallow. Served as a canapé on round wooden boards they are the perfect sweet hit to keep the dancing going.  It was at a tasting feast a couple of weeks ago when a client said that our toasted marshmallows were exactly what she wanted for her “late night naughty”. A phrase so perfect that we couldn’t ignore it. “Sweet treat” was straight out the window, “late night naughty” has taken it’s place.

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