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Alice talks local producers for local event caterers - keeping it local!

Authentic cold meats, naturally produced oils, fresh fruit and vegetables.  All these yummies brought to us from local producers in Worcestershire, the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire.

The Wild Oven menu is renowned for its fresh and exciting flavours, but we couldn’t do it without our fantastic local producers.

So, let’s talk cold meats.  Who doesn’t love to travel abroad and taste the local wares?  Goose speck was a particular eye popping, tongue tantalising moment of mine!  I tasted this particular delicacy in the Italian medieval walled city of Ferrara.  And I will never forget the richness of the speck, enchanting us with its incredible silky textures.  Having said this..

When we have cold meats produced to such a high standard right here from within the Worcestershire borders you just can’t go wrong!

Just up the road from The Wild Oven, in Worcestershire, we buy tasty, salty delicacies for our starter boards.  Our clients enjoy locally produced and authentically hand-made chorizo recipes and Spanish style Salamis.  All this without adding to the air miles, it’s a win, win situation!  Severn Spots Farm provide The Wild Oven with our cold meats after drying them for up to 5 weeks.  The flavours are full of depth and natural salty goodness, and they are a particularly popular choice among our lovely and, quite rightly, discerning clients!

Antipasto boards for a unique outdoor catering experience in Warwickshire

Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds local produce

Oxfordshire offers us Fresh Direct who source their fresh produce from local farms around Bicester, so we know where their produce comes from, can guarantee its freshness, and know that our money is going back into local businesses and their communities.

Beetroot and Feta Salad

And when it comes to enhancing our flavours we turn to Cotswold Gold for our cold pressed rapeseed oil!  Keeping it local, fresh and healthy.  These are just some of the reasons why we love to support local business.  And that’s how we like to do business here, at The Wild Oven!

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