Food Trends for 2017


Rupi Johal talks Food Trends for 2017

As we say farewell to a very surprising 2016; I mean wow what a year with legends like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and the lovely Terry Wogan passing away. The land of politics smacked us in the face with the UK leaving the EU and Donald Trump actually winning the US election (who saw that coming?!). With all this chaos surrounding us we still found time to snap pictures of all things FOOD. Just when we thought avocado on toast left us in 2015 it still managed to find its way all over our Instagram feed. Well so long avo it’s a new year and a new beginning.

So what can we expect from 2017? Roasting cauliflower, pickling, fermenting and spiralising our vegetables has firmly confirmed plant-based diets as not just fads but here to stay. Healthy eating has soared in British food, teaching us to go back to basics and demand better quality local produce.  Eat more Grains they say. Enjoy alfresco dining; sharing feasts with your loved ones and just lap up the British weather regardless of the rain (you know party food is not just for indoors).

Food Trend: Grains

Don’t worry meat lovers its not all lentils and wonky veg. 2017 is going to focus on Less Food Waste; expect more parts of an animal hitting menus. So be brave and give something new a go.

Where 2016 showed us how the East packs flavour to our everyday meals with spice and exciting exotic ingredients. In 2017 we are heading to the West to our friends in the USA with Watermelon Water, which is set to take over from coconut water. Backed by superstar Beyoncé this is sure to wake up the Sasha Fierce in all of us.

 Food Trend: watermelon

For all you sushi lovers you have Hawaiian Poke to look forward to as a new twist, mixing similar flavours but without the rice so low carb days will be easy with this protein packed dish. Speaking of low carbs we have loved cauliflower as a substitute for mash and rice and long may it continue. But if it’s colour you want then look no further than our purple friend the humble Aubergine, this meaty veg can be used instead of burgers, fried as chips on the side or blended to give hummus a run for it’s money.

 Food Trend: Aubergine

One controversial (and I for one am yet to be convinced) new food to hit our shelves in 2017 will be Vegetable Yogurt. Made with either carrot, sweet potato or beetroot this is something I cant imagine on my morning granola but hey that doesn’t mean I won’t try it…fingers crossed.

So let’s raise our forks and bid farewell to 2016 and here’s to a bigger and better 2017 because I for one cannot wait to stuff my face!!


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