British Party Food and Fractals


Alice Dellow talks British Party Food

As we edge into 2017 we cannot ignore what is happening as we bear witness to a new world emerging around us.   And what do these changes mean for Britain and, above all, British Party Foods?  With the possibility of imported foods becoming more expensive, this will affect the food we eat at our ‘oh so British’ parties!

This new era, and an ever-growing interest in the quality of our foods, means that interesting British seasonal food is on trend!  There is more interest in its sustainability, from where it is sourced, the health benefits, cost, and the strong desire for it to look good on our plates.  The cleaner, fresher, and less processed farm fresh British ingredients are gaining traction in the world of British catered parties.

The British Fractal Vegetable!

And when it comes down to beauty, there is no other Mistress greater than Mother Nature.  For She has learnt to use mathematics to astound us; even with an invention so humble as the British vegetable!  Because here, in the British Isles, we grow an excellent selection of fractal vegetables.  Yes indeed my friends, astound a child and adult alike with the geometric design of the Romanesco cauliflower.


Or the bashful broccoli.  Even the spiralling patterns of our cabbages possess the same statistical character of the whole.

Take a look at the astounding fractals of our salad leaves and carrot tops, or the intimate receding pattern of the artichoke.  And let us not forget the modest white cauliflower that has become the vegetable du jour.  All these vegetables are fine examples of fractal art in our natural British legumes.

Edible Fractal Flowers

And then, of course, we come to the edible fractal flowers!  The Elderflower, renowned for its medicinal qualities, and Elderflower champagne for the more sober drinkers among us.  Roses used in syrups and waters, or to adorn your eastern style dish.  And not forgetting the common old gardener dandelion; used to flavour your dishes with an earthy, nutty flavour.

edible flowers

There are so many more examples of fractal vegetables, flowers and even fruits, but I will leave you some surprises to find out for yourselves!  But just to know that food farmed here in Britain is starting to lead the way in the world of food and menu trends can only be a good thing.

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