Local Farmer’s Markets and Produce in Warwickshire


Alice talks local farmer's markets and produce in Warwickshire

Local farmer’s markets are a fantastic resource to discover locally produced ingredients.  No matter which county you are in, you will be close to a farmer’s market.  So tap that fountain of knowledge!

We make our own pizza bases, here at The Wild Oven.  I am not sure our clients would allow us to outsource that job!  But, when it comes to the breads… oh my!  Local artisan bakers: Blackman’s Bakery right here in Stratford, is our local bread supplier. They, quite simply, make the most perfect bread.

All Blackman’s breads are made fresh, daily, on the premises. There are no artificial flavourings or preservatives and their breads are made using locally sourced ingredients.  What is not to like?  Why not buy a warm loaf for today’s lunch!

 Caterer that uses local bread supplier

Warwickshire Farmer’s Market

Your local farmer’s market: a place to feast your eyes, get your taste buds in gear and discover new recipes, foods and producers.  Local farmer’s markets are a massive part of our British food history and, it is important that these centres of excellence continue to thrive. The organisers of Warwick Market ensure that you are buying local produce direct from local farmers, and producers who use locally grown and reared ingredients where possible.  What is really encouraging is that there are so many local producers in the area, that the organisers have had to turn stall holders away!  This only peeks my curiosity, so I am now keen to find all the farmers and local purveyors of fine produce that weren’t able to get a stall.  As this industry grows and takes hold once more, the choices are seemingly endless.

Farmer's Market

Local markets are a great day out, and kids love them!  All those opportunities to widen their palates by tasting the goodies on offer.  They are also a fantastic opportunity to meet producers, find out where the farmers are located, which local shops sell local produce, and to speak to bakers and chutney makers to discuss secrets to culinary success!  In short, to find out more about your local area, and how to eat better.

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