Farm Fresh Local Food – The Honest Way


Alice talks farm fresh local food - the honest way

Working for a local catering company I have born witness to the rapid increase of food allergies and intolerance to various foods.  From nuts and seeds, to gluten and dairy, from eggs to tomatoes and all things sweet!

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We are far more nutritionally sensitive today than we have ever been.  Why is this?

 There are many reasons but I can’t help thinking that the global food market plays a significant role in the evolution of this story.  I once kept a ‘dairy lea dunkers’ in my car for the entire summer, and it was a sweltering summer.  My curiosity lead me down this path. I know, pretty gross right?!  But bear with me.  After three months in an airless, heated car door the thing looked… well, exactly the same!  It neither smelt bad, or looked mouldy.  Think of the chemicals used to ensure that the ‘cheese’ remained in a similar condition.  Now think of your plastic looking fruits and vegetables in your supermarket.  They don’t grow like that without chemical interference.  Most of these are not ripe when picked, otherwise they would be rotten by the time they reached your supermarket shelf.  They are ripened en route.  I am wondering if a potentially dangerous mix of chemicals added to our foods, are contributing to our new found sensitivities to food.

Local, and Farm Fresh is the way forward

And this, my friends, is why we like to buy local farm fresh as much as possible. We know where the animals are reared and the vegetables are grown.  You can see the animals living a healthy and happy life before the slaughter, if you so choose.  You know your fruit has just been picked from a tree or bush nearby, and the vegetables look like vegetables rather than their plastic counterparts.

Not only are we healthier and happier eating good quality produce, we don’t add to the pollution of carting an apple half way around the world.  Another bonus is that the money we spend goes back into the local community and businesses, rather than into the bottomless money pits of the global elite.

These reasons are why we, at The Wild Oven, focus on where we source our ingredients for you.  We want the best locally produced farm fresh meats, fruit, vegetables and breads.  We don’t have to go further than our neighbouring counties such as Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.  Why not check out our suppliers page to see where we source our food for your wood fired shared feasts.

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