You need to try wood fired food. Here’s why


I know we’re biased, but wood fired food is fabulous.

You haven’t tasted British food at its very best unless you’ve had it cooked how nature intended – with wood.

I know we’re biased, but wood fired food is fabulous.

Cooking freshly made pizza outside in our wood fired ovens

It tastes awesome

Here at The Wild Oven we have always been real foodies at heart but cooking with wood has changed the way we cook and enjoy food.

It has led us to rediscover more traditional ways of cooking, mixing new flavours to our favourite dishes to create truly fabulous food.

Cooking by wood fire brings out the great natural taste and flavours in food. The scent of the wood penetrates the food to give it that distinctive, rustic and authentic taste, and the dry atmosphere renders the skin on meat and vegetables to perfection.

When people think of wood fired food they tend to think of pizza, but wood fired food is so much more.

Not only have we got our Wild Oven pizzas down to a fine art, but we also create fabulous meat sharing feasts, canapés, steak wraps, meats and burgers with our wood fired ovens too, offering complete catering for weddings and events.

wood fired food mobile catering

It’s natural and sustainable

Being sustainable is important for The Wild Oven, so we source all our wood locally and so that we can limit our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Building on our green credentials further, we are passionate about sourcing from British farms. This keeps our carbon footprint down and helps support local British businesses too.

To top it off, we also grow some of our ingredients on our own farm – you can’t get much more local than the field next door…

It adds drama, romance and atmosphere

Open fires add atmosphere and a touch of romance. We’ve all experienced that instinctive pull towards an open fire and its ability to reconnect us with nature and each other.

As well as creating a feast that smells and tastes amazing, our wood fired ovens create a feast for the eyes and ears too – they crackle, glow and sizzle as they create fabulous wood fired food making a truly unique experience.

Our three roaming wood fired ovens: our Land Rover Defender; the Wild Oven Wagon; and our soon to be available vintage van are centrepieces in their own right too.

Wedding Caterer Wood Fire Chef

It’s year round

Wood fired food needn’t be confined to sunshine or summer months. Cooking and eating outside in the fresh air with wood fired ovens creates extra warmth and light.

In fact, The Wild Oven team create fabulous wood fired food in all weathers. Our team even come kitted out with Hunter Wellies and wax jackets!

Whatever your celebration, whatever the time of year, wood fired food will make your event truly memorable.

It’s well-known that British celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver is a big lover of wood fired food and has been quoted as saying, “The smokiness from the wood and charcoal gives every type of food incredible flavour and personality. Once you get a feel for cooking this way you’ll absolutely love it.”

Here at The Wild Oven, we couldn’t agree more, and we are passionate about sharing our love of fabulous wood fired food with others, bringing this very special style of cooking to special events across the Cotswolds.

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