Winter Party Ideas


Are you like me and faced with planning a party in Winter? Let's make the best of it...

Winter Party Themes. There’s no better way to make an occasion a special event than by using a theme. We’ve seen no end of them whilst catering at parties and celebrations. We’re not talking dressing up themes here (though don’t let me stop you…). This is about being able to set the tone of the party from the outset, having a running theme through the design work, layout, activities, food and decorations ties everything together.


Here are our top 5 themes:


  1. Romantic and Cosy


The first thing that I get excited about as we head into the depths of Winter is cosying up.


Feature: Festoon lights, hot chocolate, toasted marshmallows, all the candles Ikea has in stock.



  1. Fire and Ice


These elements encapsulate Winter. The heat of the burning fire contrasted against the bitter cold. Both offering reprieve from the other.


Feature: Fire braziers, ice sculptures, cold blues set against warming oranges, and (dare I say it…) a wood fired food.

  1. Aspen Extreme


Not able to be at the chalet all Winter? (because we all have a Winter escape chalet – right?!) Bring the mountains and chalet charm to you.


Feature: Tipis, temporary chalet’s if your budget has no ceiling, antipasti style cured meats and cheese, neon windbreakers, vintage ray-bans and all the pearls.


  1. Winter Woods


Nothing beats a crisp walk through frosty woods in the Winter. Take some Nordic inspiration for this one.


Feature: Pine cones and branches, ferns, gold sprayed branches, furs, twinkling star-like lights, fires, hearty game food, hot chocolate.

  1. Winter Wonderland


Tried and tested, yes. But this theme is a classic for a reason.


Feature: Cold blues, whites, frost, snowflakes, white fur and anything that sparkles.


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