Questions regarding what happens at your event

How long before service do you need to setup?

Festival Style – 2 hours before service of food begins
Festival style but pizzas/wraps/burgers/buns AND meats – 2hrs before service of food begins
Festival Style to Seats– 2hrs before service of food begins
Seated Sharing Style – 4hrs before service of food begins

How many staff will you bring for a sharing style event?

Roughly 1 per 20 guests due to our service style

Can you lay our tables?

Yes, if we lay your tables we charge £1.25 per guest. We will lay your tables on the day once we have arrived.

Are you able to provide drinks service for both the reception and at tables?

Yes. We provide all the staff required to serve the food, if you would like us to bring extra staff to serve the drinks we can do this. The price of this will be detailed in your proposal. 

Festival Style: Can you arrive earlier/ increase the service time?

Yes, we just need to include the additional costs for the staff to stay on for a longer duration of time. Please do note though, that guests are likely to eat more if the service period is extended. When looking at pizzas, in our experience guests eat an additional ¼ of a pizza per additional hour

Are you able to cut our wedding cake?

Yes, if you would like this service please let us know and we will price accordingly.

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