Three Reasons Why Wood Fired Cooking Rocks


We believe that absolutely nothing beats cooking with a wood fired oven, here are our reasons.

You’re cooking with fire.

There’s something almost primeval about cooking with this elementary form of heat. It’s mesmerising, captivating and, quite honestly, downright magical. There’s no temperature knob on the oven, instead you’ve got to connect with the fire and understand it in order to get the very best out of it.

You’re using fallen trees.

We love being environmentally sustainable. You can’t get much more environmentally sustainable than using a heat source that comes from trees that have naturally fallen.

 Rustic style

The food tastes amazing.

The heat caramelises, crisps and sears whilst the wood imparts a distinctive delicious flavour. We wish that we could impart some of the magical tastes that wood fired cooking gives to food through the internet. Alas, we can’t, so you’re going to have to do with mere pictures and words. Or, you could always book us for your event…

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