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So, who doesn’t love a Christmas Market to get you into the mood for Christmas? Everyone loves a Christmas party, Christmas Food, getting into the Christmas Spirit, so what better way to combine all these things than with a Christmas Market?! Add all the wonderful presents you can buy for your loved ones and a visit can certainly prepare you for the celebrations ahead! These markets have been coming over from Germany fast and furiously over the past few years and you can pretty much find them in most large UK cities now, although I do still think that Germany does them best!

German Christmas Market

The origin of the Christmas Market, or Christkindlmarkt, dates all the way back to the Middle Ages – yes I know! Our first recorded Christmas Market was in 1384 – although back then Germany wasn’t yet a nation state so some of the Christmas Markets have tip-toed into Austria, Switzerland and Alsace (as we know them today).

So why not, this year, create your very own Christkindlmarkt for your friends and family, or for your work Christmas party?

So, what do we need for a Christmas Market..?

First things first – twinkling festoon lighting to set the scene.

Then once those lights are creating long shadows and a sense of warmth against the dark, cold winter days you need..

…the scent of Christmas. Glühwein!

We call it mulled wine here, but I prefer the name Glühwein as it adds a little bit of the exotic into my Christmas experience. Besides, the way the Germans prepare it with the addition of caramelised sugar by burning rum certainly appeals to my senses! Of course, go to any self respecting mulled wine maker, and they will add rum, brandy and maybe sometimes whisky alongside all the heated winter warming spices of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.

Not forgetting the Christmas Food

Now obviously you will always find the bratwurst at a Christmas Market Party, but there is nothing like the smell of wood fired food to get the taste buds going so why not also include a Wild Oven classic vehicle that cooks a wide range of wood fired foods to add a little extra bit of drama!

With all the above we must not forget the Christmas Stalls..

..and this is where all your guests, work colleagues and families can go to town! Everyone can get creative and have their very own party stall to entice people in! Add some music, maybe some Christmas Carols (although everyone always complains when I put Kings College Choir on!), bake some sumptuous ginger breads, mince pies, boozy truffles, and make some Christmas cards or tree decorations ~ why not invite all your friends to join you in the Christmas spirit this year!


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