The Wild Oven FAQs

How does it all work?

We have converted our fleet of classic vehicles to house a wood fired oven in each of them.

This means that we prepare your dishes in advance; marinades, making the homemade and hand rolled pizza bases, chopping up all those fresh, and locally sourced, ingredients!  Then we drive to your chosen location in the vehicle allocated for your event and wood fire your hot dishes, on site, in our vehicle, in front of your very eyes! 

From one Land Rover we can cater for 180 guests: canapés, starter boards, mains, desserts, teas and coffees with truffles.  And then, we start to prepare for your evening food! The idea being that you choose the options that suit your day.  If you have more guests, and we have more vehicles available, then we just rock up with two vehicles!

Our Sharing Style service where we bring large dishes to the centre of the tables for your guests to serve themselves, is fast and slick, and the bonus is that your guests can have a portion of everything that you have chosen from our menu!

Any party number is fine as our vehicles have different capabilities to deal with different guest numbers!

What is the difference between Festival Style and Seated Shared Feast?

Festival Style is when your guests come to the vehicle to collect their food from in front of the oven.  We advise the service period based on your guest numbers. We never rush guests and so the periods advised allow all guests to have something to eat and for those who wish to come back for more to do so. We can extend the service period if you wish, just let us know and we can calculate the cost for this. It may be useful to know that it takes us about 20 minutes to serve 50 guests.

Sharing Style is where we bring the dishes to your guests while they relax in their seats.  We bring large dishes of each menu item to the centre of the tables, and your guests serve themselves, and each other.  A great conversation opener for those who don’t know each other!

Will all my guests be served at the same time if we’re having a shared feast?

Yes. Because we don’t serve guests individually, it means that service is much faster than conventional catering. As an over-estimation, it takes about 10 minutes to serve 100 people. 

How will my canapés be served if I opt for festival style service?

Canapés are always walked around (served to standing guests) whether you chose Sharing Style or Festival Style.

Can you serve our food Buffet Style?

Yes! As we do not normally provide this service, we would just need to calculate the correct number of staff for you so, if you would like this style of service, just let us know and we will calculate accordingly by allocating the right number of staff.

Festival Style: Do you provide cover if it’s raining?

We don’t provide any additional cover than our standard setup:

The Retro Style VW van – The van has a hood over the service area so that guests are sheltered while collecting their food

The Land Rovers – Have a gazebo covering the prep and service area.
 If you are worried about cover for guests it is your responsibility to provide it.

Do you offer tastings?

Yes! We offer Tasting Feasts during the Autumn-Spring months. The cost of our Tasting Feasts is £150 for up to four people plus £35 for any additional guests they would like to bring (up to a maximum of eight people per tasting).

The tasting feasts slots are 1.5 hours and are set in 2-hour long slots to allow over-running.

Why do you charge for tastings?

We charge for tastings because our aim is to be as fair as possible to our clients. Therefore, we choose not to cover the costs of putting on tastings within the prices for all proposals. This way, those clients who make the choice not to come to a tasting are not paying for something that they do not receive.

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