Site Requirements FAQs

Everything we need to be abkle to cater at your location.

Do you need to do a site visit?

We tend not to carry out site visits because we can usually determine from photographs and a site plan whether the location is suitable. If you would like to talk to us more about this please get in touch. 

What space do you require for your set up?

We require a 5m by 5m flat area with vehicular access.

Do you require a catering tent / kitchen space?

For Festival Style no, unless you require teas and coffees, in which case we would require a space to power our urn and lay everything out for your guests.

For Sharing Style yes (whether this is wood fired meats or pizzas): A minimum 4.5m by 4.5m catering tent with sides or kitchen with trestle tables available for us

Trestle table requirements:

Number of guests Number of trestles required
Up to 24 1
25-48 2
49-72 3
73-96 4
97-120 5
121-144 6
145-180 7
181 – 200 8

Do we need hard flooring for set up?

We don’t require hard flooring for our vehicles and own set up. However, if we work in an outside catering tent then that requires hard flooring.

What are your electricity requirements?

The standard electricity requirements are up to 3kVA’s from a standard 3-pin plug.

Do you require water?

If we are providing the bar or hot drinks, we require access to a drinkable water source within 1m of the bar or catering tent.

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