Pizza FAQs

Too many wood fired pizza events involve pizza and speed of service that leaves you feeling disappointed, underwhelmed and unsatisfied. We’re here to change that with our purpose built wood fired ovens in our classic vehicles.

How long will you serve pizzas in festival style for?

Though it only takes us one hour to produce up to 160 wood fired pizzas, so that your guests are not rushed and can return for more we will serve for a longer period depending on your guest numbers; or however long you would like the service period to last. As a rule of thumb we serve for 1 minute per guest, so for 60 guests 60 minutes.

How many pizzas should I provide?

We would always advise catering one pizza per guest as in our experience that is enough to cover differing appetites. If you want to cater for more that’s fine just let us know

Do you make your pizzas fresh on site?

Is there any other way??

Yes, we hand fold the dough at HQ, let it have time to slowly develop and proove (*spell check is telling me this spelling is wrong, I disagree, if anyone knows any different email us!). We then bring it to you where we make every pizza from scratch. Why? Because it’s more fun that way, and it makes pizza everyone can’t stop eating (yes, that includes us).

What do you cook your pizza in?

We’ve converted some classic vehicles to contain wood fired ovens. They all get built in less than an hour into outdoor kitchens, which means all of our cooking is self contained. Take a look at them here.

What pizzas do you do?

Can we allow for less than 1 pizza per head?

This depends on what you are having for your main meal and at what time as we wouldn’t want anyone going hungry!

Can we add an extra topping choice instead of / as well as the Margherita?
(4 pizza choices instead of 3)

Yes, it costs £1.50 extra per person.

Can we have pizzas served to the centre of our guest tables (Sharing style)?

We’re afraid that we’re unable to provide this service.

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