Menu FAQs

What are you able to provide for children?

The same as the adults because the food is child friendly but we can also offer a simplified version of the Sharing Feast.

Can you cater for Gluten Free guests?

Yes. A great range of items on our menu are gluten free and we can provide gluten free pizza bases.

At a Festival Style event we would ask that gluten free guests come to the oven 5 minutes before main service to receive their pizza.

Can we serve just canapés?

We don’t offer a canapés-only service but if you would like something more substantial we’d be happy to put a proposal together for you.

How many canapés do you provide per guest?

1.5 of each canapé choice per guest.

Can I have an extra choice on my Canapés?

Yes. Extra choices are charged at £1.50 per choice per guest

Can I have an extra choice on my Antipasti boards?

Yes. Extra choices are charged at £2 per choice per guest

Are you able to do a starter other than antipasti boards?

Our serving style is all about sharing fabulous food with great people, if there is something in particular that you would like to see, for example a canapé option on the sharing board, then let us know and we can check the feasibility with our chefs.

How do the meat options work?

For the sharing feast we serve two meats and two salads with a separate vegetarian choice for your vegetarian guests. 

If you wanted to have the two meats and the vegetarian choice for all your guests to share there would be a supplement charge of £5 per guest

If you just wanted to have one meat choice, and the vegetarian option for all your guests, the price would be the same as the two meats

Supplement for steak and lamb choices
The supplement for each of these is £3 per guest. So, if you choose steak, the supplement is £3 per guest, if you chose lamb the supplement is £3 per guest and if you choose to have both, the supplement is £6 per guest.

Can I have extra an extra salad?

Yes! We simply charge £3 per guest for any extra salad. This does not include the salads that are included in the Shared Feast!

Can we have two choices of dessert?

Yes. The second choice is charged at a £3 supplement.

Dessert – one choice £6 per guest
Dessert – two choices £9 per guest


If you have 2 dessert choices, we will bring 75% of each choice because our experience has shown us that most guests will usually have one portion of each!

Are we able to provide our own desserts?

Yes, but we would ask you to provide clear label crediting whoever did make the desserts!  If you would like The Wild Oven staff to serve your own desserts, we will have to add a charge to cover the cost of the serving staff.

Can we have two choices of hot wrap fillings?

Yes!  Just as with the desserts, we will need to bring more than just 50/50 because most of your guests will want to have some of each so we charge a supplement of £3 per guest.

What are the vegetarian options when serving wraps?

If you choose the Moroccan Chicken or Sticky & Spicy Lamb option then we serve the wrap without the meat. Where you choose the other meat options then we will provide the Roasted Peppers option for the vegetarians.

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