Booking your event

Do you have a booking form?

No- we simply require a deposit payment.  We send you a proforma which has all our payment details and the deposit amount required.  Once we have received your deposit payment, we send you a receipt and a Need to Know list with deadlines by when we require the information. These deadlines are incredibly important to keep – please see our Terms and Conditions.

Can I reserve the date?

We require a 50% deposit to reserve your date and secure your event in our calendar. However, if you are definitely going to book with us but in the process of choosing your courses, or moving funds around for example, we will make a note that you are very keen to book your date and will let you know if the date comes into danger of being fully booked.

Do we have to order our crockery through The Wild Oven?

No!  We are open to the idea of you ordering your own crockery, glassware and cutlery from a supplier of your choice.

When you choose Festival Style we do provide complimentary disposable crockery. This is in the form of pine boats, palm leaf plates, wooden or silver-look plastic knives and forks, disposable bowls and cups depending on your menu choices.

Can we have non-disposable crockery for a festival style event?

Yes absolutely! You can hire this through us or use a supplier of your choice. If you would like our staff to clear the crockery we will just need to add an extra charge as it takes longer for the staff to clear.

Do you have photographs of the cutlery/crockery/glassware?

Yes, please just ask!

Are you able to provide table linens/napkins?

We are, however we would highly recommend that you hire these yourselves as we will only be arriving on the day of the event! We would recommend either Plato Hire or R and R Catering Hire but you are of course welcome to use any supplier of your choice. If you would like us to send our hire price list just ask!

Why have the prices changed now I’ve asked for two waves of food / only one wave of food?

Increasing to two-wave:
Prices may change on some items and this is because all of our fixed costs are incorporated in the first wave of food.

Decreasing to one wave (or reducing to evening food only):
If you reduce from a two-wave service to just a single wave the prices will increase as our fixed costs are now incorporated into this one wave (where they would previously have been incorporated into the first wave)

Why do the prices increase per guest if my numbers go down?
The reason for this is that if your numbers decrease our fixed costs need to be divided between a smaller number of guests. 

The inclusive price of travel:
Due to the nature of the vehicles they have a finite lifespan, which is affected by travelling longer distances. This has to be allowed for when determining our travel costs, in addition to the mileage and staffing fees.

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