Bar FAQs

What are the dimensions of your bar?

There are multiple possible set ups. The smallest footprint we require is 2 metres by 1 metres, the largest is 4 metres by 3 metres.

Do you provide a cash bar option?

We only offer open bars. If you would like a cash bar we have a bar partner that we work with who are able to do this.

Do I need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)?

We will apply for and cover the cost of the TEN application with your relevant local authority.

Does the bar come with glassware?

As standard we provide plastic, environmentally friendly recycled glasses, which we wash and re-use. We use plastic as we have seen more broken glass related accidents than we want to!

What time will you arrive on site?

The bar and staff will arrive on site 2 hours before the first drink is to be served.

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